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  1. Authentics Door Plate Men's Toilet Sign

    Authentics Door Plate Men's Toilet Sign


    This original door plate sign lets your guests always easily find the right place.

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  2. Perigot Bear Tote Bag Sailor Stripes

    Perigot Bear Tote Bag Sailor Stripes


    For this jersey collection, THE original bear bag is changing its look but not the idea that made it a universal success: a shopping bag hidden inside its tummy, always at arm's reach, for the beach or every day.

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  3. Bensimon House Case  - S Yellow - M Pink - L Red

    Bensimon House Case


    The House Case by Bensimon is one of the most practical storage boxes available on the market. With its light weight, it can easily be carried around the house, or even be used to travel with. It has two handles on the side that make it easy to carry. Thanks to its zip fastening, all your stuff will be protected from dust.  It is made out of soft material so foldable when not in use. Perfect to store linens, toys, clothes etc.

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  4. Bensimon Wall Case - Blue

    Bensimon Wall Case


    The Wall Case is a pocket mural, with plenty of storage space, ideal for not misplacing anything ever again. Can be used anywhere in your home. The Wall Case is also a great addition to decorate any empty wall. Playful, practical, and very design!

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  5. Flux Chair Wall Mount Strap

    Flux Chair Wall Strap mount


    The flux wall mount means you can store up to six flux chairs or eight flux juniors against your wall. Handy. Just fold your chairs, hook them onto the stainless steel wall mount, and pull the hardy polyester strap down to keep them flat. It’s 21st century living all over.

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  6. Flux - Pad - Black

    Flux Pad


    Our new flux chair pads are not only comfortable but also easy to store and easy to clean! The pad is small enough to fit inside the folded chair and the cover is removable for machine washing. Available in red, back and anthracite.

    The Flux pad does not fit on the Flux chair junior.

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  7. Authentics Wardrope

    Authentics Wardrope

    Regular Price: $115.00

    Special Price $57.50

    Four Y-shaped coat hooks move up and down on the cord of the wardrobe. When clothes are hung on, they instantly fix in position. The polyamide rope is connected to a ceiling hook and is hanging down, straightened by a solid metal weight.

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  8. Perigot Bear Tote Bag Yellow Fluo

    Perigot Bear Tote Bag Fluo


    THE original, but with a little fluo! Inside his tummy, this adorable bear hides an extremely resistant, lightweight bag. Attach it to your purse, belt, or shopping cart for an eco-friendly alternative to those ugly plastic bags. The bears hold their shape when empty as you unfold the tote.

    Perfect for the eco-minded shopper. Be unique and ECO SENSIBLE... Please adopt a bear with his cockpit size bag!

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  9. Uten.Silo I

    Vitra Uten.Silo I


    With containers of different shapes and sizes, metal hooks and brackets, Uten.Silo is practical everywhere, bringing order to offices, kitchens, workshops, bathrooms and children’s rooms.

    Available in the original size from 1969 or in the smaller version that was developed in 1970. Vitra Design Museum Collection.


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  10. Moumoute Stool Cover

    Moumoute Stool Cover


    100% real sheepskin!  Ultra Soft!

    The ‘sheepskin top’ is a suitable cover for nearly all stools, renowned for its softness, fluffiness, downy and dishevelled look.
    This will dress your stools to make them more welcoming and more comfortable. The cover is easily removed so you could also take it to work.
    With unrivalled temperature control properties; keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. This material is a little bit messy and very strong.

    British sheepskin, 6 to 10 cm wool length, white or brown.
    Icelandic sheepskin, 15 to 20 cm wool length, white or black.

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