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bObles Tumbling Fish Small

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Quick Overview

We're very excited to welcome our favorite tumbling animals in all new multi-colors! We'll have the same animals you know and love - in all new colors!

The Fish are available in two sizes and they can be stacked. The low one is for the child who has just learned to sit. The big one is for the older child, and once you stack them, they fit teenagers and grown-ups. You can roll the animal to one another, or roll and chase it. The 6-layer Fish has a size that enables the child to sit on it while in movement, which enhance not only the balance but also the joint senses. Children can lie across them and have the backside of their bodies strengthenend, and children can exercise their arms through the pressure from theri won body weight.

bObles is a playful interior environment for children. The size of the tumbling animals makes it suitable as furniture, but is meant for play. The idea is to enhance the children’s motor skills while playing!

Age group 6 months and up

Bobles Tumbling Fish - Multi Blue

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  • Bobles Tumbling Fish - Multi Blue
  • Bobles Tumbling Fish - Multi Pink
  • Bobles Tumbling Fish
  • Bobles Tumbling Fish - Multi Blue
  • Bobles Tumbling Fish - Multi Pink
  • Bobles Tumbling Fish - Multi Purple
  • Bobles Tumbling Fish - Multi Green
  • Bobles Tumbling Fish - Multi Blue


Eco-friendly features:

The tumbling animals are environmentally friendly made with no toxins and phthalates from a 100% recyclable firm EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foam, which is especially safety tested for children. EVA is considered more eco-friendly because chlorine is not used in its production.

Additional Information

Color Options multi green - multi blue - multi pink - multi purple
Designer Bolette Blædel
Dimensions 4.7”Hx11.8”Wx11.8”D
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