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Cacoon - Double

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Quick Overview

Cacoon is THE new hangout space, a new concept for relaxation and simple fun. Designed for adults and children alike – it is, quite simply, a back to the nest adventure, a hanging tent that the whole family can enjoy.

This natural new experience actually comes from nature itself. It is a concept based on what the designers saw on vacation in Mexico – an interpretation of what the weaver bird creates by stitching together its tiny hanging nest.

For this little bird its nest creates a safe bolt-hole in the jungle; for you Cacoon creates your own personal space. You’re hidden away and sheltered, relaxed and relaxing, cocooned alone, or together, in your own private world.

Cacoon is designed by a team of professionals – creators of sails for ocean-going yachts and experts in architectural fabric and textile technology for onshore structures.

Cacoon is safe and strong, simple yet quirky. It is small enough to carry, yet big enough to share. From wind and wet to sun and sea, its high quality natural canvas and weather-proof colors resist all the elements. It has been tested and hung in every type of environment – in the garden, on a hike, in the woods, by the coast, in the office, in sports and leisure centres, in bedrooms and dens, in hotels and adventure playgrounds – inside and out, just hanging out and giving people a lot of fun.

Consider purchasing our Tree Loop for hanging your Cacoon.  It is not included with the Cacoon.


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Regular Price: $500.00

Special Price $400.00

Cacoon - Double - Natural White

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  • Cacoon - Double - Natural White
  • Cacoon - Double - Leaf Green
  • Cacoon - Double - Sky Blue
  • Cacoon - Double - Chili Red
  • Cacoon - Double - Mango Orange
  • Cacoon - Double - Deep Taupe
  • Cacoon - Double - Black
  • Cacoon - Double - Turquoise
  • Cacoon - Double - Light Grey
  • Cacoon - Double
  • Cacoon - Double - Camouflage
  • Cacoon - Double - Natural White
  • Cacoon - Double - Leaf Green
  • Cacoon - Double - Natural White
  • Cacoon - Double - Natural White
  • Cacoon - Double - Natural White
  • Cacoon - Double - Deep Taupe
  • Cacoon - Double - Light Grey
  • Cacoon - Double - Deep Taupe
  • Cacoon - Double - Natural White


It is your swing chair; your hammock; your hanging garden seat; it is whatever you want it to be, inside or out. It is for after that hard day at work, or something fun for the weekend.


All our Cacoons are made using fabrics developed for the high demands of the marine and camping industries. Anti-mold and treated for UV and water resistance, we use a mix of cotton and polyester in order to retain the soft feel of natural canvas while achieving the longevity of a technical fabric.


The Bonsai Cacoon is Ø1.2m x 1.5m (h). The ideal hanging space is Ø1.5m x 2.25m (h).

The Single Cacoon is Ø1.5m x 1.5m (h). The ideal hanging space is Ø1.8m x 2.5m (h).

The Double Cacoon is Ø1.8m x 1.5m (h).  The ideal hanging space is Ø2.1m x 2.55m (h).

The bonsai is our smallest, perfect for the little ones, two little kids can fit. The single is our most popular size, inside or out – just perfect for the single adult ‘escape’ or for the kids. The double is great for two adults stretched out or blissed out – OK, it is pretty intimate, but that’s the way we like it!

Where is yours hanging?

Here some ideas:

in your garden

in your home

cool camping for the kids

on your boat

5 star spas

What is in the box?

You’ll find everything you need to hang your Cacoon in the box: 1 x Cacoon with 4m of hanging rope with steel carabiner attached to the top of the Cacoon. 1 x set of eight aluminium Cacoon ring sections. 1 x Cacoon carry bag. (Eye bolt or tree loop are NOT included.)

For more information check our Cacoon Information document in the Cacoon manufacturer section


Additional Information

Color Options natural (off-white) - leaf green - sky blue - chili red - mango orange - light grey - deep taupe - fuchsia - turquoise - camouflage - black
Size options double - single - bonsai
Dimensions The Double Cacoon is Ø1.8m x 1.5m (h) (5.9 x 4.9 ft.).
Designer Cacoon
Shipping This item normally ships within 48 (weekday) hours. We offer free shipping on this item.

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