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The Bool

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Quick Overview

With its round tennis ball look, the new generation of pouf is sporty in appearance...yet is ideal for cosy relaxation.

Comfort first  When you sit in a Bool, the first thing you notice is the smoothness of the fabric against your fingers as well as the softness of the seating...The Bool forms around you: its micro-granules adopt your shape to give you a fitted, firm and warm support. It gives a fantastic feeling of relaxation!

Then the look  With its attractive look and its many color combinations, The Bool is ideal for any room: from the bedroom to the living room, in front of the television or in the playroom. Light and easy to lift, The Bool is easily handled...so it can come with you wherever you go!

The color of your choice  The Bool cover is available in seven basic colors: turquoise, lime, moleskin, tomato, night blue, khaki and fuchsia. Coordinate your colors! Each of these basic colors can be combined with different zipper tones to give your Bool that dream look. Check out our collection to see the effect of combining colors!

The Bool comes in 3 sizes • The Small is an ideal seat for young children up to around 120 cm (3'11") in height, but also as a footrest for older children and adults. Diameter: 55 cm (21.65") • The Medium model is an ideal seat for older children and teenagers. Adults will also enjoy this model, but with an extra back support. Diameter: 65 cm (25.60") • The Large model is suitable for the whole family. Young and old alike can curl up in it for extended reading, relaxation or snuggling sessions. Diameter: 80 cm (31.50")

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Regular Price: $200.00

Special Price $100.00

Lime - Dark khaki (M)

More Views

  • The Bool Blue night - White
  • The Bool Blue night - Blue
  • The Bool Fuchsia - Lime
  • The Bool Fuchsia - White
  • The Bool Khaki - White
  • The Bool Khaki - Orange
  • The Bool Khaki - Turquoise
  • The Bool Khaki - Light Khaki
  • The Bool Lime - Night blue
  • The Bool Lime - White
  • The Bool Lime - Dark Khaki
  • The Bool Moleskin - White
  • The Bool Moleskin - Greystone
  • The Bool Tomato - White
  • The Bool Tomato - Greystone
  • The Bool Tomato - Orange
  • The Bool Turquoise - White
  • The Bool Turquoise - Lime
  • The Bool Turquoise - Orange
  • The Bool Turquoise - Turquoise
  • Lime - Dark khaki (M)
  • Khaki - Turquoise (M)
  • Tomato - Greystone (L)
  • Khaki - White, Lime - Dark khaki, Moleskin - Greystone (L)
  • Turquoise - Turquoise, Turquoise - Orange (S)
  • Khaki - Turquoise (M)
  • Moleskin - Greystone, Tomato - Greystone (L)
  • Blue Night - White (L)
  • Fuchsia - White (M)
  • Fuchsia - Lime, Turquoise - Turquoise, Lime - White (M)
  • Tomato - Orange, Turquoise - Orange (M)
  • Tomato - White, Turquoise - White (L)
  • Lime - Dark khaki (M)
  • Khaki - White (M)
  • Turquoise - Orange, Lime - Night blue (M)
  • Lime - White (S)
  • Blue night - White (M), Turquoise - White (L)
  • Khaki - White, Moleskin - Greystone (L)
  • Turquoise - White (S)
  • Turquoise - Orange, Lime - Dark khaki, Khaki - Orange (M)


Composition & maintenance  Like all Doomoo products, The Bool is made with high quality, pleasant, resistant and low-maintenance material.

The material The Bool has a removable cover. The removable outside cover and the under-cover are made of polyamide (75%) and spandex (25%). These fibers provide softness, elasticity and resistance. They are best known for their use in sports wear.

The micro-granules  The Bool is filled with polystyrene micro-granules of the highest quality. These are smaller than the granules used in the majority of poufs. This explains the incredible softness and silence that envelopes around you when you sink into a Bool...In just a few seconds, The Bool takes on the temperature of the body giving rise to a feeling of total relaxation!

Take care of your Bool!  The outside cover can be easily removed thanks to a large zipper. It can be washed in a machine using the cold setting. To keep it soft and elastic, allow it to dry naturally (no drier).

Outside use The Bool is not made for outside use. It is not advisable to use The Bool in a wet environment. The materials used are not waterproof.

Additional Information

Color Options blue night - fuchsia - khaki - lime - moleskin - tomato - turquoise
Size options large - medium - small
Dimensions Large D 31.50" - Medium D 25.60" - Small D 21.65"
Designer Doomoo
Shipping This item normally ships within 48 (weekday) hours.

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