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Fab Design

FAB DESIGN A story about wishes, colors and  life, real life, everyday life.

At the root of this adventure is Fabienne Thonet, interior and graphic designer. Working for many years as an artistic director in the press industry, Fabienne leads a double life. It is from her house-studio, a cozy opened space in Suresnes, France, that Fabienne expresses her practical, aesthetic and ingenious sense. In this Little haven, she creates objects and furniture for her house, her family and for her friends.

The FAB Design adventure starts in the summer of 2013 with a range of  handy  and functional objects and furniture, with playful designs, strongly impregnated  with the creator's joie de vivre, her joyous mood and who never takes herself seriously. FAB design brings a new life to stools, plays with light, reinvents hanging rails, transforms atmospheres, never forgetting our childish sides, needs and spaces.

FAB Design is a universe full of uncommon and useful shapes, where the distinct fabrics, whether highly technical or natural (Tyvek, sheep wool, wood, steel, plastics), fit in happily in all spaces, houses, lofts, vintage or industrial, from the most minimalists to the craziest.

That is the spirit of this new adventure which brings a breath of fresh air, one of design and reachable  aiming towards a  happy lifestyle.


  1. Moumoute Bike Seat Cover - UK White Sheepskin

    Moumoute Bike Seat Cover


    100% real sheepskin! It only takes seconds to place it on or take it off your bike seat!

    This cover is handmade, with natural sheepskin, and will adapt to any seat shape (city bike, mountain bike, electric bike…)
    For a very comfortable feel and great, funny, unique looking bike. During the summer months, the moumoute seat cover is also a great insulant from heat.
    Caution: if you leave the cover under the rain, the hair might get curly!

    There are 2 types of Moumoute seat covers:
    1/ made with WHITE sheepskin from Great Britain -UK-, with wool length between 6 and 10 cm
    2/ made with BLACK sheepskin from Iceland -ICE-, with wool length between 15 and 20 cm (natural color)

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  2. Moumoute Stool Cover

    Moumoute Stool Cover


    100% real sheepskin!  Ultra Soft!

    The ‘sheepskin top’ is a suitable cover for nearly all stools, renowned for its softness, fluffiness, downy and dishevelled look.
    This will dress your stools to make them more welcoming and more comfortable. The cover is easily removed so you could also take it to work.
    With unrivalled temperature control properties; keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. This material is a little bit messy and very strong.

    British sheepskin, 6 to 10 cm wool length, white or brown.
    Icelandic sheepskin, 15 to 20 cm wool length, white or black.

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  3. Noster

    Noster (Set Of Three)


    100% useful and cheerful!  Thermo-hardened shape preserving steel

    Noster is where you can hang up clothes, bags, belts, baskets, hats and piles of anything and everything on the same hook. It’s amazing!
    These hooks can easily be affixed anywhere; in your hallway, wardrobe, master bedroom, kids bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, study, caravan etc. Each hook is a mini wardrobe.
    The Noster is very strong and will bend with the weight and number of coats etc. but will go back to its original shape when empty.

    This item includes a set of three Nosters.

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